If you are a couple and you want to take your partner to a beautiful place, then Gulmarg is a great option for you. Whenever we talk about Gulmarg, the engagement of couples is always remembered for the romantic season there. This is the zone of Kashmir which is famous not only for its beauty in India but in the whole world. If we talk about Gulmarg, it means ‘Meadow of Flowers’ which is a quiet and scenic hill station in Kashmir. It is famous all over the world for its snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green landscape, and calm lakes, it has so many beautiful instruments that will steal your heart. If we talk about Gulmarg, then it is made for couples only. There is such a beautiful place here that makes the couples to do romantic activity by awakening more love in their heart. It has a picture-perfect natural beauty form, with people calling it a paradecial destination especially for snow-loving couples. Discussion of its beauty is not hidden from anyone, not only in India but all over the world. Talking about Gulmarg, it is known as one of the most popular skiing destinations across India. If you are going to visit Gulmarg with your partner, then you will not find a better place than Gulmarg. Enjoy the beautiful litigants here with your partner completely. This place will drive you crazy like crazy. 

If you want to enjoy the beautiful plains of Gulmarg with your partner, then we have chosen some beautiful place for you, where you can do some romantic activity with your partner. These are the names of those places; 

Best Things to Do and See in Gulmarg

Enjoy a Gondola Ride

Whenever you go for a walk with your partner in the beautiful plains of Gulmarg, then you must do Gondola Ride. When you enjoy this ride with your partner at a very high height from the ground, then it is a beautiful romantic moment for you and your partner. Which you never want to miss. If we talk about gondola ride, then it is the most important and highest cable car in Asia, which offers you picturesque surroundings, pristine hills and unrivaled views of pinewood and beautiful plains. This ride is operated in two stages, the first from Gulmarg to Kongdori, in this ride you are at an altitude of 2600 meters and the second is the mountain of Aparavat which is 3747 meters. When you see the beautiful views here from such a height, then they are so beautiful that you will be left seeing them. Whenever you go to Gulmarg, do this ride. There are many romantic views here for couples. Most couples ride here. 

Check out the Beautiful Views from Apharwat Peak.

If you are a trekking enthusiast, then you can enjoy the trekking season here with your partner. You complete your hobby by tracking here. If your partner loves trekking, he will enjoy trekking in the beautiful weather here. If we talk about this place then it attracts people towards it with its beauty. It is such a beautiful place that people come from abroad to do trekking here. It is located near the Line of Control. Most of the place is surrounded by snow. Through horse riding, you can see the views of beautiful white meadows and their beautiful plains. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks and their beautiful plains here. You can spend a romantic time with your partner here. Which you can hardly find anywhere else. The atmosphere here is of a very calm nature, which makes your heart very relaxed. This place attracts the people who come here in a different way. You can also enjoy skiing here. So whenever you visit this place, you should catch this beautiful place through a photo with your partner.

Visit Alpather Lake

If we talk about this lake, then it is the most famous lake in Gulmarg. It is also one of the most famous lakes in Kashmir. It is located approximately 13 kilometers from Gulmarg. If we know about this then we get to see it at Apharwat peak. It is known for its beauty. If you are a couple, then this can be the romantic gift of the best holiday for you. If we talk about the design of this lake, then it remains as a triangle which makes it even more beautiful. The snow-covered mountains and trees at this place make this place even more romantic. This place is like a boon for the couple. Here you can also do activities like horse riding and ridge climbing with your partner. If you are looking for a romantic place for yourself and your partner, then your search may end at this place. This place is famous all over the world for its romantic view. 

Visit Nagin Valley 

This place is famous all over India due to its beauty. Due to its beauty, India tops the list of the most beautiful valley. If we talk about this valley, it looks so beautiful because of the natural beauty surrounded by it that it settles in the hearts of people. Whoever comes here to see it once, does not know it without praising it. Although this valley is known around the world for its beauty, it is mostly known for the holiday destinations of couples. However, it would not be wrong to say that this is not less than a dream place for couples. The Nagin Valley is a beautiful meadow that rules the hearts of people for its beautiful litigants. Earlier this place was closed, but now it has been opened for the people to roam. This place is a big attraction for those who go camping and trekking. In particular, couples like this place very much.  

Enjoy Beautiful Valleys of Gulmarg in Ningle Nallah Amidst the serene atmosphere 

If you are going to Gulmarg with your partner then you must think of a place for a romantic walk with them. No problem, we will tell you about a place that you can choose for a romantic walk with your partner. Here, when you go out on a romantic walk with your partner, you will get lost in those beautiful litigants here, where you cannot even think. Located about 10 kilometers from Gulmarg, there is a very beautiful hill known as Ningle Nallah. Here you go on a romantic walk with your partner, the more you walk on this path, the more you will get lost in romantic nature. Here you will not see anything other than beautiful snow-capped mountains and lush green pastures. This place is a perfect place for a couple of walks.   


If you are thinking of traveling to Gulmarg, then we can give you that there are many places here where you can offer a romantic view for your partner. Gulmarg is known all over the world for its romantic view. When you go to visit Gulmarg as a couple, beautiful beauty here is ready to give you a romantic gift. You just have to go there and enjoy them. The joy of the beautiful litigants of Gulmarg is only with the partner. 

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