If you are planning to visit Western Australia, then it is very important for you to know about it first. As we all know that Australia is known for its excellent location, which people like to see to a great extent. Australia is one of the countries in the world where foreign people go in large quantities. Because most of Australia is cold-weathered. If we talk about Western Australia, it automatically occupies a beautiful part. The capital of Perth is famous for its beauty here. Western Australia occupies more than a third. If we talk about it, it is known for burning lights as well as hot-rated desert. The forest and mountains here are so beautiful that they can be seen once upon a time. White sand, valleys and many other things are very beautiful to see at night time and attract people towards them.

If we talk about Western Australia, it is very famous in the world for its dense forests and high mountains. Although the whole of Australia is the best place for people to visit, Western Australia has gathered some special places in itself. Hardly anyone is crazy about these beautiful forests and mountains. Wandering dense forests in Western Australia, four-wheel-drive down Kimberley’s Gibb River Road, breaking big waves in the Margaret River, sitting on the beach with kangaroos, feeding wild dolphins, whaling sharks on fringing coral reefs Swimming together, etc. You can have a lot of fun which is done only here. You will not find such fun anywhere in the rest of the world.

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Western Australia


If we talk about Perth, then it is one of the most famous places in Australia. Its fame is not a big deal because it is the capital here. Being the capital, there are tall buildings here that touch the sky. These show their beauty with hip boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and Gulzar entertainment spots. If we talk about Perth, it is the 4th largest city in Australia, it seems even more beautiful because it is situated on the banks of Swan River in the west of the Indian Ocean. If you want to enjoy swimming or want to play in the water, then Perth is the best place for you.  There are many other things that are worth seeing in Perth, seeing which you cannot live without praising them.

 The Margaret River 

If we talk about this river, then it is so beautiful to see that just keep looking at it. This place is best for those who like to sit on the banks of the river. If you say about it then it is a great place for couples. If you go to this place with your partner, then you can enjoy this place completely. By visiting this zone, you can also enjoy the dense and high wood forest and the shining white sand beach at night time. If we talk about this zone, it is also famous all over the world for its effective limestone caves, such as lake cave, jewel cave, and huge cave, and many other places due to which it is famous all over the world. You can enjoy many other things in this zone, such as rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, kayaking and whale watching, etc. If you ever tour Australia, then you must visit this place. 


Broome is the most favorite place of people in Western Australia, where people like to go for a walk. It is the most visited place not only in Australia but also in the world. People forget all their fatigue by coming here. There is a strange magic in this place which attracts people towards it. If we talk about this place then it is the main center of the city. Some people even call it a door in the Kimberley zone. If we tell about it, then it is an impressive coastline hit by red rocks, which is spread over 22 kilometers. White sand and turquoise water are available in plenty in this zone. Camel riding after sunset is a popular method that gives you a lot of fun. If you ever tour Australia, then you must visit this place.

Rottnest Island

This place is best for people who like to ride boats. For those people who are tired of the life of city car drives, it is like a boon for those people, by coming here all your fatigue disappears. The weather here is so beautiful that people forget all their grief and pain and enjoy the weather. If we talk about these islands, then it is known not only in Australia for its beauty but also in the whole world. People from all over the world come to visit this place, this is the best place for people to enjoy them. Talking about the discovery of this place, the Dutch sailor Willem de Vallingh landed on the island in 1696 and he called it heaven. Given its beauty and the people here, they named it the island of Rottnest (‘nest of mice’). Even today the adorable quokkas still live on this island and people of this race are found only in Western Australia. You can enjoy many other types of fun in this zone, such as hiking, tennis, golf, cycling, and boating, etc. There are also more amounts in this zone. 

Wave Rock 

If we talk about wave rock then it is famous all over the world. This world-famous wave rock is an extraordinary rock of 15 meters high granite. The reason for its being so famous is only and it has to be made as a wave. It is made in such a way that a water wave is coming and breaking. If we talk about this rock, the rainwater reacting with different types of chemical substances in it, the colors of gray, red and ocher together form a series of vertical stripes. Other curious granite outcrops in this zone are located in the vicinity, mainly including Humps, King Rocks and Gnema Hole. Which makes this place even more beautiful. Whenever you go on an Australia tour, we would like to see this wave rock once. Enjoy its beauty. 


If you are planning to travel to Australia and are searching for places in Western Australia, then we have told you about some of Australia’s best places. You will never be disappointed after seeing those, rather you will come back happily after seeing them. You can enjoy visiting the places mentioned. We have chosen some of the best and most beautiful places in Australia for you.

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