Malta is an island that is surrounded by the deep blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, located in the south of Sicily, you can also see some interesting places there like(Malta, Gozo, and cumbia). They speak Arabic mixed language with Italian. There are many tourist places in malta where you can spend your adventurous holiday.

You can make your day adventurous and happy by spending your time on the seaside. Tourist uses capital of Valletta as a landmark to reach on malta island. There You can also find luxurious hotels, restaurants, historical sites, and cultural events. You will also get more entertainment options although food is also available for students on school break. An island named has become the first choice for tourists to relax on beachside. Best weather for traveling malta is in spring and autumn. You can also get a chance to see villagers festivals and live concerts. Here are some top places to visit in malta.

Best Places You Must Visit While Traveling to Malta

Malta’s Elegant Capital Valletta

Valletta is an important seaport of malta. It is a sophisticated capital of Malta. The entire city of malta is assisted in the glory of the chevalier. The king of Spain had gifted Maltese island to the European novel man in 1530. Tourists can easily locate this place that is bounded by two harbour The grand harbour and Marsamaxett harbour. Saint John’s co-cathedral is a 16th-century church that is built by different orders of the equestrian from various countries like France, Spain, and Italy. Its lavish interior has been designed by rich and superior quality.

This place will be very adventurous for the tourist who admires the culture and historic monuments. If you love Islands then you can visit Valletta. It is modern city location are easily accessible by tourists without a car.

The Theatre Museum and Courtyard of Manoel.

Manoel Theatre is known for multiple ranges of plays it is very famous in Malta because of its unusual design. The ceilings of the museum are fully decorated and have been the centre of attraction. Tourists can rest and relax inside Manoel theatre and museum this will make you feel like a well-designed heaven. You can see many exhibitions are displaying on the square and provides creative space to think and chill out.

Fort St. Elmo

Fort St. Elmo is located in the grand harbour area. It is one of the most notable fortifications ever made. It has been said that it has played an important role in defeating the Ottoman army during the great blockade of malta in 1565. Tourist will admire after visiting one of the famous fort malta. Fort st. Emilio upper part was replaced between 2009 and 2015 and has become very well-known in the capital sometimes they also host National war museum inside some barracks.

Rabat Historical Attractions on the Island of Malta

There are many attractive historical sites in rabat. Both cities are very close to each other it helps tourists visiting both cities on the same day. Both cities are considered to be fuse urban area. Rabat is more modern than Mdina. You can find many interesting historical attractions. There is a most famous 16th-century house the Casa Bernard which belongs to a significant Maltese french genesis family. 

A finest first-century archaeological site is in roman villa will be seen by tourists. In the wignacourt museum, you will see the collection the old hand made objects Romans. Tourist must visit saint Dominic convent that is a 16-century pilgrimage destination. The statues of Saint Dominic convent is made of marble that is very attractive.

St John’s Co-Cathedral

St. john co-cathedral is one of the famous historical places in malta. This place is not only famous for its beautiful interior and baroque architecture bus also for the collection of Caravaggio works that have been displayed at the museum. The knights of malta has played a very important role in the making of the cathedral. The Museum and cathedral is  devoted to Maltese history that is also known for the house of knights

Castille Place

Castille place is most interesting historic place to visit. It is located in the south-east part of Valletta. It provides a way to vehicles so that they can enter in the capital without any trouble. You can also see a lovely scene and amazing buildings at this location.

Some famous houses of Castille 

Auberge de Castille- This was built by knights in 1570. Now it is used for the official prime minister of Malta.

  • Malta central bank- It is located in the direction of the city gate.
  • Stock exchange of malta- They face for the right of Auberge de Castille.
  • St. James cavalier-This is one of the nicest Palisades that has been designed for thwart land base on the attack on the city.

The Gardens of Upper Baraka.

In the capital city, upper Barrakka gardens iv very much popular spot for tourists. Many of them love to visit there for amazing views. You can also get yummy snacks and drinks from the counter. This location can also be used for entering the harbourside. Tourists can also go down below from upper Barrakka lift which can go to the height of 58 metres.

Waterfront of Valletta

The Valletta waterfront is located as the neighbouring part of village in Florida. It is a small area on the harbourside. once the harbour side of the building has been used for storage and customs. In recent years it has been reimposed with colorful doors and apertures inside this there are several houses, restaurants, any many more for entertainment.

Malta National library

The National Library of Malta is located right next to the presidential palace there you will see a statue of queen victoria. The interior of the library is amazing the library is full of houses manuscripts, printed books, periodicals and journals that have been furnished in malta and this is also the main source of Melitensia. In winter the reading hall is opened full day but in summer months opens on weekdays morning.

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