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Do you think about to visit Amsterdam?

There are many tourists come in every year in this place. This beautiful place where you can see many historical activities, things, food, and buildings. There are many spots which help you to make you aware of the people situated in the second world war.

Here we discussed some best, attractive and beautiful Sights to visit which help you to make your tour plan. In this blog, you can also know about the top things to do In Amsterdam because if you did not do these activities then there is no meaning to visit this place.

How to reach Amsterdam

If you want to visit Amsterdam then there are many ways to reach this beautiful destination it depends on you by which transport you want to travel. If you live in a different country then you can choose air travel to save your time. Otherwise, there are many other ways by road and water to visit this destination.

Through flight

People belong to different countries they can choose an airline to travel. There are many airlines provides flights for Amsterdam. Schiphol International Airport is one of the busiest in the world and is situated 15 kilometers south-west of the main city. So you can book your ticket for Amsterdam and Schiphol International Airport at your departure place. This airport is well-connected to various cities in the world by regular flights.

Use bus

You are living in any city in the Netherlands and near to the Netherlands from where road transport is available, then you can choose the bus to visit in Amsterdam. If you plan to visit multiple cities then this is the best way to travel to Amsterdam.  The routes and connectivity between Amsterdam and other cities are very well established so its also not taking extra time to reach anywhere

Via train

Rail services are very popular all across Europe, so that’s why many people choose rail to visit Amsterdam. Because some people love to see views and want more space to sit then they can choose the train to travel to Amsterdam. This mode of travel not take too much time and also providing you a cheaper alternative of air travel. From some cities, direct trains available for the passengers are Paris, Berlin, Brussels, London, Manchester, and almost all other European cities.

Local transport

Amsterdam has an elaborate and well-connected public transportation system with other cities. Some people are not interested to drive or ride any vehicle for travel they want to enjoy the journey and sit on a seat that peoples can choose local transport to visit in Amsterdam. Local transport makes you feel free to park the vehicle and other tensions.

By Water

If you have lots of money to spend then you can choose Luxury cruises for your tour to Amsterdam port city. Stena Line operates ferry services from London to Amsterdam.

Airports Near Amsterdam

When you travel to Amsterdam with airlines then you should know about the nearest airport from Amsterdam. This will helps you to save your time and money

There are some list of the airport near to Amsterdam

  1. Groningen Airport Eelde
  2. Maastricht Aachen Airport
  3. Rotterdam The Hague Airport
  4. Eindhoven Airport
  5. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  6. Weeze airport
  7. Antwerp Deurne airport
  8. Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport
  9. F.D. Roosevelt Airport

Top Sights to Visit in Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum is built in the 17th Century in the Netherland here you can see marvelous paintings reflect history and character of the Dutch. In this museum more than 250 rooms and a library where you can read a collection of 35,000 books and manuscripts. Here you can enjoy seeing Unique sculptures and various antiquities as traditional furniture, Delftware, silver, ship models and dollhouses complete the show.

The Anne Frank House or Museum

Anne Frank was a young Jewish girl who hid with her family members during the Second World War. At the time of hiding, she wrote a dairy and left dairy in this room so people can know the hardships her community went through. This building is open from 1960 as a museum so visitors can see that room and feel that crucial situation

The Van Gogh Museum,

Vincent Willem van Gogh was the most popular, famous and most prized painter in the 19th century. Here you can see the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings anywhere across the world. There are 200 paintings,550 sketches and drawings are also present in this museum.


This is the most popular park that made in 116 acres and contains 70 types of the flower. When Joost van den Vondel was placed in the park in 1867 it has been named Vondelpark. In this park, you can see a variety of sculptures and statues, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities. The rollerblade rental and the Vondelpark Open Air Theater which serves as a venue for musical and stage productions from May through September.

The Begijnhof

In the center of the city, this is the oldest home and is primarily a group of historic buildings. Canals of Amsterdam. This is the calm, serenity charming quiet garden surrounded by old houses, in the very center of town and also one of the best places to visit in Amsterdam. The tiny lanes and pathways around them provide public access so tourists can enjoy it there.

The National Monument

The National Monument is the 22 meters high obelisk which was built in 1952 after the second world war. It is a memorial to the victims and veterans of the second world war, a national Remembrance of the Dead ceremony is held at the monument every year on 4 May. When you visit this place, then you are also aware of the city’s turbulent history.

The Royal Palace

The royal place starts built in 1648 and completed in 1665 which is situated on the west side of Dam Square. This is the official residence of the king of Holland when he’s in the city. The royal palace is based on the architecture of ancient Rome the exterior is strictly classical, while the interior is magnificently furnished, its apartments decorated with a wealth of reliefs, ornamentation, marble sculptures, and friezes, along with ceiling-paintings by Ferdinand Bol and Govert Flinck, pupils of Rembrandt. In this palace, the largest and most important room is the Council Hall, sumptuously decorated and one of the most beautiful staterooms in Europe.

Oude Kerk(The old church)

In Amsterdam, you can visit one of the oldest buildings in the city which are founded in 1213 and consecrated in 1306. After the reformation of this building in 1578, it became a Calvinist church and this is the first hall church in North Holland. After exploring this beautiful place you can visit Amsterdam’s oldest streets which takes only two minutes if you go through the Zeedijk pull.

Rembrandt House Museum

This museum basically a home of Rembrandt where he was lived with his family between 1639 and 1656. In this site, you can see many of his most famous paintings were created. This building interior is decorated in the style of a 17th century home to give it a vintage feel. Please visit this place whenever you are on your Amsterdam trip.

 Dam Square

This is one of the most famous places in Amsterdam where you can see huge public square is, naturally, lined with cafes and shops, and full of vendors selling food and souvenirs. In this place, you can also enjoy some places likes the new Church (Nieuwe Kerk); Madame Tussaud’s wax museum; and the National Memorial Statue, which is dedicated to Dutch soldiers who lost their lives in World War II.

Things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Ring

You can visit or enjoy this canal by boat or land it depends on you but most of the visitors choose the boat. These boats are available both day and night it depends on you which time is comfortable for you. Boating in the canal is the most romantic and beautiful experience for all tourists. When you are sitting on the boat then you can see all the networks of the canal in the city. The historical area present in this canals network is referred to as “Grachtengordel” which would be best translated as “Canal Ring or Canal Belt“.

Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Artis Amsterdam is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands which is founded in 1838 and it is built close to the city center. This Zoo opens for both young and old tourists to entertain themselves with the animals and see the creativity of nature.


This museum is especially open for the people so they will become aware of the life of the micro-level.  Micropia opened in 2014, this was the only microbe museum of its kind at that time. It helps to teach the visitors and their child the useful work of the microorganisms which they do for the environment balancing. At the time of purchasing Zoo tickets, the ticket price of the Micropia museum is not included so you need to buy the Micropia museum.

NEMO Science Museum

NEMO Science Museum gives you a better and unique experience for both young and old people. There are multiple activities and exhibits on each of its five floors which help you to learn the things with fun and joy. In this museum, you are allowed to touch nearly everything you see on display. This is especially a good place for children so they can learn exciting things and science experiments with their benefits.

Cycling in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a real cycling country in this country bikes are more in count as compared to the people live in this country. Cycling in Amsterdam is the best way to travel in this city. Because of the infrastructure, the cycling paths in Amsterdam is the best of all the cities in Europe. Approximately 767 kilometers of cycling paths and bike lanes can be pedaled by bicycles.

Shopping in independent shopping streets

In this street, there are more than 200 retailers including a fine selection of independent boutiques, vintage shops and specialty stores selling everything. Here you can buy designer dresses to handmade cosmetics and dress which is beautiful and attractive. There are some other shopping centers that are also available in Amsterdam where you can buy any product, clothes and home decor items.

When to visit Amsterdam

Choosing the best time to visit Amsterdam then there is no specific time interval to visit this beautiful place. You can visit any time whenever you want to enjoy, relax, want freshness and lots of fun. It depends on you what kind of weather you love to enjoy. Because the weather is changing every month some time weather is warm, sometimes too cold and sometimes mild weather it depends on you what time is good for you.

May to August

If you want to enjoy pleasant weather then visit Amsterdam from May to August but we suggest you please carry a light sweater because it might be cold in the evening. In May The spring Tulip Festival takes place so there are many tourists to the city who come to see the beautiful tulips in full bloom. Time or weather is also good at this time to explore the city on a cycle please do not miss this opportunity. This month you can also enjoy or attend two of Amsterdam’s popular summer festivals these are Open Garden Days and Roots Festival.

September to November and March to April

You want to avoid rush or crowds then explore Amsterdam in March to April which is the off-season month. The hotel rates are comparatively cheaper as on season so you can choose the best deal at a low price. Tourist attractions are less crowded during these months in Amsterdam so no need to think about the crowd. We all know that March is the advent of the spring in this month the largest flower garden in the world, Keukenhof, opens its gates to the world in the third week of March. You can also enjoy this garden and watch many varieties of flowers that create a marvelous scene.

December to February

Those people love to see snowfall then December to February are the coldest months in Amsterdam. You can enjoy the snow in these months and if you are lucky, the snow might get hard enough to be suitable for skating. Please make sure you have packed a lot of woolens and enough layers to keep yourself warm.

What to Eat in Amsterdam

If you are trying to know what is available in Amsterdam to eat? then you are in the right place here we discussed some special, tasty and delicious dishes that make your mouth water. Whenever you will visit this beautiful place to explore yourself then you should also know or eat these dishes. Here we discussed some of the most famous and delicious dishes and traditional foods for you. In these places, veg and nonveg both types of food is available for all types of tourists so they eat food according to their requirement but this place is famous for Dutch foods.

  1. Stroopwafel
  2. poffertjes
  3. Bitterballen
  4. Oliebollen
  5. Erwtensoep/Snert
  6. Stamppot
  7. Kibbeling
  8. Dutch cheese
  10. Indonesian Rijsttafel
  11. Kroket
  12. Hagelslag

Best Restaurants In Amsterdam

After a long time journey, every person gets hungry and looking for food to getting back energy again. If you are looking for some famous Amsterdam food then visit any restaurant which is available near you. Here you can also ask for the famous and specialty dish of that place and restaurant. because it’s  There is some popular and famous restaurants are available for food, meals, and drinks.

  1. De Kas
  2. Moeders
  3. Restaurant Daalder
  4. The Pantry
  5. Restaurant Zaza’s
  6. Garten
  7. de Silver Spiegel
  8. Senses Restaurant
  9. Bhatti Pasal – Authentic Nepalese Food
  10. Bougainville

Amsterdam Hotels and Accommodations

In Amsterdam, there are many pleasant stays that help you to provide a clean reasonable hotel, best and comfortable experience. These hotels are perfectly designed, lovely bed, great layout, the best furniture and effectively decorated. The location of these hotels is not far away from the center so you can easily visit famous places. Staff available in these hotels are very friendly, attentive without being overbearing. In all the restaurants, the staff knew all the ins and outs of the preparation of the dishes and provenance of ingredients.

  1. Hotel V Fizeaustraat
  2. The Hoxton
  3. Zoku
  4. Sweets Hotel
  5. Hotel Estherea
  6. CitizenM Schiphol Airport
  7. Pulitzer Amsterdam
  8. Sir Adam Hotel
  9. Mr. Jordaan
  10. The Dylan

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