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Perhaps Switzerland supports the best hiking destination in all around the world. Where you can enjoy gorgeous mountains for long-distance travel it can walk you for days on end without sleeping bags, tents, food, and stove. because of mountain huts that give great meals, a hot shower, and bed in a variety of lodges. If you have limited holiday vacation or cash and you want to spend your holiday in Switzerland. Switzerland will give you to see mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, wildlife, and wildflowers also offer easy to follow, each is well marked, and hiked in either direction map available from local tourist information, etc. most important thing about Switzerland, you will find many huts, inns, restaurants where you can buy chocolates, cheese, apple strudel, and delicacies. Some top regions are Bern, Valais, Vaud, Obwald, Grisons, etc and some top park name is UNESCO Biosfer, Parc REgional, Naturpark Diemti, etc.

Best Hiking Trails you must visit in Switzerland



if you happen to be in the Grindelwald area and most of you will probably make take a stop here. This is the best and great hiking place for you. Not more daring but still but magnificent. The Eiger Trail takes you along the foot of Europe’s most renowned mountains. The Eiger Trail is approx 4000m high and it is north face is which climbers love to throw themselves up.it is more difficult to climb on Eiger Trail and kill more than 100 climbers in a year.

Hiking hours: 2 hours

Total distance: 6km

Altitude gain/loss: 90m/800m

Start and endpoint: Eigergletscher station or Kleine Scheidegg


The next stop for your hiking in  Switzerland is Zermatt which among some of the highest peaks in the world. This is also a house of a massive ski resort and also the home of the most iconic mountain the Matterhorn.it was claimed also the inspiration for the renowned Swiss Toblerone chocolate triangular shape. If you are in Zermatt, it makes sense to get up friendly with Matterhorn. You can get out of your binoculars and mountaineer for an hour. 

Hike Time: Near 2 hours

Distance: 4.3 km

Altitude Gain: 743 meter


Switzerland is a country which has a lot of glaciers, The Aletsch Glacier is in Wallis in the southern part of Switzerland.  The Glacier is a sight to behold after running over 23 km and 2950ft deep. It sweeps in a majestic curve from the back of Jungfraujoch slowly but surely down to the valley below.

Hike Time: Near 3.5 hours

Distance: 12.4 km


If you want to spend your vacation in Lucerne, this is an easy way to trail hiking in Switzerland. Birkenstock is a small mountain that looks like a sleeping lion. It gives stunning views of the lake which is surrounded by the mountain. Birkenstock is divided into two-part first is the cliff walk side of the mountain. And Carved out of the wall it is straight down to the lake. second is the end of the hike come at Hammetschwand glass, It is Europe’s highest outside elevator and was also taken for a ride in James Bond. 

Hike Time: Approx 2 hour 

Distance: 5km

Altitude Gain: 130m.


After a few distances from Zurich, the 5 lakes in Pizol showcases some of the most beautiful blue alpine lakes in the north of the Swiss Alps. You can go hiking in a day from Zurich, you will start from Pizol gondola it to Pizol hut at the top. You can begin your hiking to the first lake. To make your hiking intrested4 more lakes come on the way.

Hike Time: 4 to 5 hours

Altitude Gain: 750 to 1100 


In the French part of Switzerland, there is a fantastic day hike you can do to see these breathtaking natural wonders. it’s a huge rock wall in a crescent shape that has to be seen to be believed. You will hike near 1000m you can take your time walking from the forest and you will stop at the top.

Hike Time: 4.5 hours

Distance: 14 km

Altitude Gain: 950 m


Do you love hiking? Everyone loves hiking and search the most beautiful hiking place in this world doubtless Switzerland is the best place for hiking huts, inns, restaurants, mountains and many more which is the basic need for the best hiking. For more details about  Best hiking trails in Switzerland read a complete blog this will definitely make your hiking easy.

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