You have just got off the plane and you are in a new country and ready for a wonderful holiday. You can already imagine the terrible people you are going to meet, the food you are indulging in, maybe some late nights and some unforgettable stories. Waiting for the luggage carousel, you are anxiously guessing your suitcase on that carouse,  time passes and your flight stops. A terrible feeling kills your jetlagged mind that my luggage is missing. All your mood will be spoiled. All these are just an imagination. But if this happens in reality. Then, what you will do?

Here you will get all the information about what to do when your checked luggage is missing.

What safety precautions you require. and the procedure you have to follow. if your checked luggage is missing in reality.

Things you should remember if your checked luggage is missing

Stay calm

Being Panic will not help you to find your bag. But one thing is you should not panic. Yes, this situation is stressful and terrible, but you are about to go through it. All the chances are saying that your bag was just misplaced. According to the International Society of Aeronautical Telecom (SITA) 2016 baggage report, 79% of mishandled bags are delayed. There is another statistical report that says only 2% of probability that your bag is actually lost or less than. Take a deep breath and stabilize yourself. Also, note that today airlines have sophisticated ways of finding luggage. Keep calm, you’ll get your bag soon.

Go to the baggage claim office

First thing that you have to do is, go to the baggage claim office at the Airport. And file a report as soon as possible for your lost luggage. There are only a few are airlines who required to fill a report for your lost bag within a certain period of time. So, do not wait too much. Ensure to include the identification numbers from your claim tickets. But, filing a report accomplishes two important things-

  1. Let the airline knows about they need to locate your bag
  2. Airlines will provide you a paper trail that will allow you. if it is compulsory, to receive compensation for those items that you have purchased just because of your missing bag. Note that, Ask for a copy of the report. And write down the name of the person who helped you along with phone number to get a follow-up and updates. And keep the luggage receipt safely.

Here are some important questions that you can ask at baggage claim office

  • Can you locate my bag?
  • On which number should I call to know the update for my missing bag?
  • When can I expect updates from your company regarding my missing bag?
  • If I get my bag, will your company pay to deliver the goods to me at my hostel/hotel?

Check into your hostel/hotel

There is nothing you can do here at the airport. So, it’s good to go and check-in to your hostel or hotel and spend a good time. You have to buy some essentials like- toiletries and basic clothes to replace your missing things as per your daily needs. So, you can ask in your hostel or hotel for these such things if they will provide to you. Else, you can ask for where to find such items at cheap rates. Make sure to keep a list of your expenses, and hold into any receipt. In the United States,  domestic flights provide the maximum cost of “reasonable expenses” you incur because of your missing bag is $ 3,400. and $ 1,600 on international flights. Note that, keep your expenses reasonable. So that you do not have to negotiate with the airline.

Follow up with the airline

Do not wait for them to call you and receive updates. Get a refund for your checked baggage fee. You paid that fee to ensure that your bag will arrive to you, but the airline did not end up their deal. It is your right to get your money back. You should also cross-check with your credit card company. maybe they will help you to reimburse you for your lost bag. but be sure that you used their credit card to purchase the flight ticket. if yes, then call your company and find out.

Know Your Rights

Always know your rights and ways to fight for it. If your baggage is delayed, due to the Airlines mistake. Then, airlines will have to pay you for “reasonable expenses” until you receive your bag. If your luggage is Missing, many airlines have the maximum claim allowance mentioned on the back of the ticket. It is important to carefully consider all the allowance of these claims. Especially when you are packing. Try to negotiate claim allowance because there is no harm in it.

Examine Your Luggage Carefully When it Arrives

There is a possibility of some damage to the missing luggage during the journey. Take pictures of any damage immediately and file a report for claim with the airline as soon as possible. Once again, you will need your flight information and baggage claim information. But you can request for a claim by both online and over the phone.


Here we have discussed everything on what to do and how to claim delayed baggage compensation. I hope you found this article useful to claim your lost checked luggage. If you have any other thoughts about this topic then please share with us by commenting below and also share this article with your loved ones.

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