Many people love to chill on the beaches in summer. In summer cold wind blows on the beaches. If you want to spend your vacation happy and exciting you can visit the world-famous beaches of Barcelona. Here you can find some attractive beaches on you can play volleyball and chill in the sea on a hot summer day.  You can easily find beaches in Barcelona nearby you. Now Barcelona has become the first choice of every tourist for spending summer vacation and washing your stress away. You can see there enjoying with their friends and loved ones. This city provides marvelous life to everyone. Here are the five best beaches you will find in Barcelona.

Top Beaches near Barcelona which Couples should Visit 


It is one of the most famous beaches in Barcelona. Every year many tourist visits on this beach during summer. You will find their number of volleyball nets that have been set up for the people in free this is the admirable feature of the beach. Here you can be the part of the game one by one. Metro facility is also available in Barcelona which is connected to every city. 

Nova Icaria 

Platja de la Nova Icaria is very close to Barceloneta beach from there it only takes 15 minutes to arrive. It is one of the best beaches in Barcelona also likes by the locals very much. Nova Icaria Beach is also known as the peaceful beach that’s why this becomes the best choice for families and groups of friends. There you will find a variety of restaurants and bars and they also provide different facilities for sports and other activities on the entire beach.

 Nova Icaria Beach provides many services to their tourist like lifeguard for the safety of people, local police, beach information point, cloakroom, adapted showers, changing rooms, adapted public toilets and many more. If you want to feel happy and peace then you should visit here once in summer.

Platja Del Bogatell

Bogatell beach is the finest place for enjoying with your family members and loved ones. It is located between the Nova Icaria and MarBella beaches. 

like many of Barcelona beaches, the Bogatell beach was rebuilt in 1980. It is one of the most famous beaches in 1980. Bogatell beach is the oldest beach in Barcelona with a size of 702 m. Every year many tourists visit here with their friends and family. They provide world-class facilities and services to the people so they visit again in summer. Here some services provide by Bogatell beach is

  • They provide transport services to the tourist for traveling from one place to another place by bus and metro
  • For the safety of each and every tourist, they have hired lifeguards.
  • You can enjoy with your friends by playing many exciting games beach footwall, basketball, and so on.

These world-class services will make your journey exciting and adventurous. Book your ticket fast and arrive here as soon as possible.

Mar Bella Beach

Marbella Beach is best for people who want to see multiracial scenes with their family members. This beach is also famous for nudist stretch this kept very confidential from others so that no one feels uncomfortable while doing this. You can easily find this beach just going two beaches down from Nova Icaria. Tourists can also take free advantage of parking on the main road of Marbella beach. For traveling from one place to another, you can take a ride on the metro (L4 yellow line) 

Barcelona’s Lgbt group loves to hang out on this beach. Tourists will never feel regret after arriving on the beach. The nightlife of the city is very amazing, so please don’t miss to see the nightlife of Marbella beach. They also provide amazing services to the tourists to make their vacation interesting and comfortable.

Somorrostro Beach

Somorrostro Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Barcelona. You can find this between Hospital del Mar and Marina street. Somorrostro beach is 522m in length and 89m in width. This beach was the accommodation for 15000 people until the mid- 20th century.

 The most famous flamenco dancer was born in this place. You reach here either walking or by bike. Mostly you will find here a young crowd and many tourists. Let me make you aware of some decent services that are provided by Somorrostro Beach.

So here I have introduced you to all the famous beaches of Barcelona. Now you can easily find the most iconic beach where you want to plan your holidays with your family and friends so don’t waste your time and go  to Barcelona for an adventurous vacation 

  • You will find the beach centre in Somorrostro beach from here you can find any important information related to Barcelona beaches.
  • They will provide you with modified showers and public toilets.
  • Many people do daily exercise that’s why they have introduced gym areas on their beaches.

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